Tuffstudds are easy to apply. To ensure they are applied correctly however, we offer an 8 hour, one day training seminar in the Tuffstudd Wear Protection System application.

The seminar is designed for anyone who will be applying the Tuffstudds Wear Protection System for the first time. It will demonstrate how to apply the Tuffstudds Wear Protection System for your particular application.

Upon completion of the training you will be provided with a comprehensive manual, an instructional video and a certificate of completion.
In addition to our training seminar offered at your office, plant or jobsite, we offer professional technical services for special problems and needs when special expertise is required.


1) A TUFFSTUDDS® is positioned in contact with the work surface.
2) The operator pulls the welding gun trigger, initiating the welding arc and automatically lifting the stud.
3) The main welding current melts a portion of the stud and the work surface. Within a second, the TUFFSTUDDS® is plunged into the molten pool.
4) The ceramic arc shield (ferrule) retains the molten metal in the weld area for maximum strength and safety, and the TUFFSTUDDS® is metallurgically bonded to the work surface at the weld interface.

For further training information, please contact your local Tuffstudds Wear Protection System representative.