Tuffstudds Models & Equipment

Designed to Suit a Variety of Applications.
TUFFSTUDDS® Wear Protection System combines abrasion and impact resistance. TUFFSTUDDS® are easily and economically applied to mining and construction equipment using a lightweight stud welding gun.

TUFFSTUDDS® should always be applied in a closely packed (ferrule to ferrule), staggered pattern to minimize "washing out" between the rows.

TUFFSTUDDS® are available in two alloys to suit different wear environments:

  • HCI or TSI grade TUFFSTUDDS® are designed for low impact, severe sliding abrasion conditions.
  • HCA or TSA grade TUFFSTUDDS® are designed for use in high impact conditions.

For best results on leading edges, apply as follows: Use low profile, 16 mm (5/8 in) diameter HCI or HCA TUFFSTUDDS® for the first two or three rows. Use higher profile 19 mm (3/4 in) or 22 mm (7/8 in) TSI or TSA TUFFSTUDDS® for the following rows.

The application of TuffStudds Wear Protection System is safe, reliable and easily applied using equipment designed for the stud welding process.

Our stud welding equipment package is fully featured, and will provide many years of dependable and troublefree service, whether in your facility or at the job site. It is easy to operate and maintenance costs are low.

The TS-1900 is a fully regulated, stud welding power supply available in single or dual gun versions. Rectifier power source is constant current - variable voltage. A setup mode allows adjustment of the desired weld time and current prior welding, which is displayed on the front panel digital meters. A specially designed electronic gun control circuit has been incorporated into the system. If a fault condition occurs as a result of a shorted gun solenoid or a faulty control cable, the circuit will prevent gun retriggering and eliminate damage to the circuit board.
Diesel driven field systems are available upon request.

Heavy Duty Stud Welding Gun is shaped-to-thehand, semi-automatic heavy duty stud welding tool. It is capable of welding any size TUFFSTUDD® with an easy changeover of chunks, ferrule grips and foot pieces.
The standard legs, foot piece and gun cable (whip lead) combo weld/control and ground cables are included.

Welding equipment

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