Common Uses of Tuffstudds wear protection

Protect your equipment with TUFFSTUDDS Wear Protection System and realize significant benefits.
TUFFSTUDDS virtually eliminates the expensive task of cutting and reweiding worn components.

The use of TUFFSTUDDS reduces costs in many ways, including less downtime, reduced labor for maintenance and lower overall cost of component replacement.


Tuffstudds is used to protect lips, cutting edges, tooth adaptors and wear bars. Inner and outside wing shrouds, walls, floors and back door areas can also be protected with Tuffstudds.


Tuffstudds is used in liners, and it can be applied as steel plates with easy installation.



In short head gyratory crushers, Tuffstudds is used in the nut, liner plate and skirt area.
In roll crushers is used in the roll face.