About Tuffstudds

TUFFSTUDD Wear Protection evolved continuously from 1981 until now. At the time manual hardfacing was the primary method of wear protection for ground engaging equipment. Manual hard facing has many negatives. Although the cost of welding electrodes were relatively inexpensive, the application of hard facing:

  • Is very labor intensive and time consuming
  • Puts excessive het into the base material causing stress and cracking
  • Cannot hold material to wear on itself.

The stud welding process has been in existence since World War II. The development of stud welding reduced labor time, eliminated two sided fastening of various types and sizes of fasteners as well as reduced heat input to base material.
It was determined that the stud welding process could be used to replace manual hard facing as well.

In research of welding materials for hard facing, that could be applied with stud welding, it was determined that a high carbon, cast chromium carbide button could be developed. This allowed two accomplishments:

  • It could be stud welded reducing labor, downtime and heat input
  • The diameter would only cover 30% of the area to be protected 70% of the area would embed with material allowing it to wear on itself- THE BEST POSSIBLE WEAR PROTECTION

The results showed an increase of wear life improvement 2-3 times greater than with manual hard facing.

Features & benefits of Tuffstudds wear protection

  • 100% Cast Chromium Carbide
  • Lightweight – 6.5 lbs/ft2(30.0kg/mtr2)
  • 30% Pattern Coverage Creates Dead Bed
  • Stud Welded Installation
  • Reduced Heat Input
  • Smokeless welding-no fumes
  • Horizontal, vertical and overhead position capability
  • Minimal distortion due to heat build-up
  • 50-60 Rc Hardness – Excellent wear
  • Reduces Dead Weight-increased payload
  • 70% Dead Bed Wearing on itself
  • Reduced downtime-Increased Productivity
  • Reduces Base Metal Stress
  • Safer Welding Environment

Testimonials and facts about Tuffstudds wear protection

"Hardox 400 blade liners, in our local environment, will last approximately 6.000-7.500 hours.
By protecting them with TUFFSTUDD Wear Protection the liner life increased to 15.000-17.000 hours."
Bob Crozier – Crozier Welding Service & Line Boring, Coshocton, OH (Contractor to Oxford Mining CO)

"Bucket CAT 329, with 64,800 tons of soil and rock movement, in 16.2 days of operation, equivalent to 20 hours daily,
with TUFFSTUDDS Wear Protection has an average wear of 3 millimeters."

"Laina or Iron Bimetallic of Primary Crusher used to have a duration of 3 months without protection.
With TUFFSTUDDS Wear Protection it has a duration of 7 to 9 months."

"Bit Holder (piece of a drilling equipment) used to have a life time of 3 days with hard welding, with a 6 hours installation time.
By protecting the piece with TUFFSTUDDS it's life time increased to 15 days, with a 45 minutes installation time."