Testimonials and facts about Tuffstudds wear protection

"Hardox 400 blade liners, in our local environment, will last approximately 6.000-7.500 hours.
By protecting them with TUFFSTUDD Wear Protection the liner life increased to 15.000-17.000 hours."
Bob Crozier – Crozier Welding Service & Line Boring, Coshocton, OH (Contractor to Oxford Mining CO)

"Bucket CAT 329, with 64,800 tons of soil and rock movement, in 16.2 days of operation, equivalent to 20 hours daily,
with TUFFSTUDDS Wear Protection has an average wear of 3 millimeters."

"Laina or Iron Bimetallic of Primary Crusher used to have a duration of 3 months without protection.
With TUFFSTUDDS Wear Protection it has a duration of 7 to 9 months."

"Bit Holder (piece of a drilling equipment) used to have a life time of 3 days with hard welding, with a 6 hours installation time.
By protecting the piece with TUFFSTUDDS it's life time increased to 15 days, with a 45 minutes installation time."

Main features & benefits

  • 100% Cast Chromium Carbide
  • 30% Pattern Coverage Creates Dead Bed
  • Horizontal, vertical and overhead position capability
  • Repair capability on previously studded surfaces
  • 50-60 Rc Hardness – Excellent wear
  • Reduces Dead Weight-increased payload
  • 70% Dead Bed Wearing on itself
  • Reduced downtime-Increased Productivity

Common uses of Tuffstudds wear protection

Protect your equipment with TUFFSTUDDS® Wear Protection System and realize significant benefits.

TUFFSTUDDS® virtually eliminates the expensive task of cutting and reweiding worn components.

The use of TUFFSTUDDS® reduces costs in many ways, including less downtime, reduced labor for maintenance and lower overall cost of component replacement.






Tuffstudds training

Tuffstudds are easy to apply. To ensure they are applied correctly however, we offer an 8 hour, one day training seminar in the Tuffstudd Wear Protection System application. The seminar is designed for anyone who will be applying the Tuffstudds Wear Protection System for the first time.

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